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Patient Guide - Ultrasound


Pregnancy Ultrasound Heidelberg Frankston
Ultrasound Heidelberg Frankston

Ultrasound technology offers a safe, efficient, and non-invasive way of generating images of the body's internal structures, enabling faster diagnosis, and timely treatment.


Different ultrasound examinations might require specific preparation. Our receptionist will guide you through the instructions upon booking, ensuring a seamless experience.

  • Abdomen: Fast for 6 hours before the scan.

  • Pelvis, Renal & 1st Trimester Pregnancy: Drink one litre of water 75 minutes before the appointment; do not empty your bladder until after the examination.

  • Musculoskeletal: No special preparation required.

  • Breast, Eye, Thyroid, Penile, Scrotum: No specific preparation needed.

  • Vascular (Doppler): Preparation varies; fast for 8 hours for some examinations.

  • Injection, Biopsy, or FNA: No specific preparation required.

The Procedure:

Upon arrival you will be guided to a private area to change into an examination gown. Our qualified sonographers will conduct the examination.
During the procedure, a water-based gel is applied to the skin, aiding the transmission of sound waves. These waves bounce off tissues, forming images crucial for diagnosis. You might be asked to hold your breath or move for optimal imaging.

Limitations and Opportunities:

While ultrasound provides detailed images of organs like the liver and uterus, it can't penetrate gas or bone. This means limitations in visualising areas like lungs or gas- containing bowel loops. However, it excels in examining solid and fluid-filled organs.

Special Considerations for Female Pelvic Ultrasound:

For female pelvic ultrasounds, preparations vary based on age, pregnancy stage, or the condition under investigation. A full bladder is necessary for non-pregnant and first-trimester pregnant women. Additional time may be allocated for twin pregnancies if notified in advance. At times, an internal or transvaginal examination may be recommended for closer inspection, although your consent is always respected.

Your Time Matters:

While we strive to maintain punctuality, the complex needs of certain cases may cause unforeseen delays. Your understanding and patience in such situations are greatly appreciated.

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