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Patient Guide - General X-Ray

General X-Ray

X-Ray Services Melbourne
X-Ray Patient Fact Sheet and FAQ's

Welcome to Interconnect Imaging. Our state-of-the-art digital X-ray procedures ensure a quick and safe examination while providing superior image quality with minimal radiation exposure.

Preparation Made Simple:

When you arrive, you will be guided to a change room to stow away any metal objects like keys, coins, or phones. Depending on your examination, you may be required to change into a gown. During the X-ray, you will be positioned between our advanced X- ray tube and cassette, asked to hold still, and perhaps hold your breath briefly. Our digitised equipment ensures not only precise images but also minimises radiation exposure.

The Procedure:

Whether a quick session or a more intricate examination, our team ensures thoroughness without compromising your comfort. Multiple angles might be explored to gather comprehensive information for your physician. We will provide a clear timeline for your appointment upon booking or arrival.

For Our Female Patients:

If there is any chance of pregnancy, please inform our radiographers upon arrival. If needed, alternative tests will be considered to ensure the highest level of care without compromising your health or that of a potential child.

Imaging Expertise:

Rest assured, your X-rays will be conducted by a qualified radiographer, ensuring the highest standards of care and precision.

Your Results:

Following your examination, your X-ray images will be reviewed by one of our specialised radiologists, who will provide a detailed written report. Your images will also be made available via an electronic URL link. If urgent, your results will be available promptly; otherwise, your physician will receive the report within 24-48 hours.

Next Steps and Follow-up Care:

We encourage you to schedule a follow-up appointment with your referring physician or healthcare provider to discuss your results thoroughly. They are best equipped to guide you through your report and provide necessary insights.

Your Time Matters

While we strive to maintain punctuality, the unique needs of some cases may cause unexpected delays. Your understanding and patience in such situations are greatly appreciated.

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